Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RAF Welcomes Back Special Guests

Weeks ago I invited the authors of Animorphs back to partake in some questions and answers on Richard's Animorphs Forum. After a few weeks of patiently waiting (yes I know Michael Grant - 1/2 of the duo - is deeply involved in the Gone Series) I finally got a short reply: set up the thread, and we'll see what we can do.

Of course, even though I was miles away from a computer I immediately set up the thread, and asked members to ask the questions they always wanted to ask about Animorphs, Remnants, Gone or Everworld. The only difference with last time is that instead of
bombarding the respondents with questions that may have been asked before, the staff will filter out the questions: posting only what hasn't been asked before.

A day or so later on January 29 2010, K. A. Applegate and husband Michael Grant created the account applegate/grant.

It didn't take long for someone who I never expected to be brought into the mix: their son: the very famous (to Animorphs fans at least) JakeMates.

So as it stands, the authors of Animorphs are on RAF answering questions, while their son is updating the Gone community on particulars.

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