Friday, February 5, 2010

NEW RECORDS - February 4 2010

Yesterday, February 4 2010 two RAF Records were broken:

Most users online - First, the RAFmultitude came out on the forum. This resulted in 168 members logging in. See image / screen shot below:

Most new members in a single day - A day or so after the Animorphs Author(s) (K.A. Applegeate / Michael Grant) started answering Animorphs fan's questions, RAF saw the most new members in a single day. This record was previously held by June 5 2008, when Richard's Animorphs Forum completely moved from Conforums to SMF and 23 persons registered on the present-day RAF.
Fast-forward to February 4, I tweeted that RAF was 7 members away from breaking that very old record. I felt that because of the influx of members to ask questions to Applegate / Grant and read their replies, this record could come down that day.

I was right. 27 persons registered on RAF within 24 hours on February 4. Beating the old record by 4 members.

To all those 27 members who registered yesterday - welcome to RAF - The Ultimate Animorphs Forum, and congratulations for being a part of the record breaking batch. Even though you had no idea that records were falling.

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