Friday, May 30, 2008

RAF (the forum) is Down. UPDATED!

Conforums is down. 

June 4 Update: the Old RAF is back up.

May 31 Update: I have uncovered some details that most likely is related to RAF's forum being down. There has been a fire on the computers  (severs) that Conforums' files are stored on (and RAF). As a result the severs had to be shut down. More details when I have them.

June 1 Update: There is a possibility that RAF may be back online Sunday evening EST.

No data should be affected.

June 4 Update: It has been 4 days since the old RAF, the forum, has been offline. To get your Animorphs fix, feel free to visit the new RAF, over at


Anonymous said...


Sorry, I was looking forward to getting right on when I got home from school.


Anonymous said...

I know, I thought my internet wasn't working right or something XD

~ Tobs

Anonymous said...

Dirty Yeerks.