Friday, November 16, 2007

Some Issues

Ok. The Animorphs Forum Ebook board is now protected. You have to have 10 posts or more, or willing to assist with the editing of the books, in order to have access to the board.

Another thing. I sent out emails to two different groups of members, both instances resulted in the emails being sent, or appeared to be sent to the wrong person. Not to worry (and hopefully your email agent didn't mark it as spam), the email is legitimate.

For further assurance that emails from RAF are received, please add to your contact list.

Sunday Edit:
Member Groups have been edited.
They are as follows:

New Member: 0 - 9 Posts
Junior Member: 9 - 99 Posts*
Full Member: 100 - 499 Posts
Sr. Member: 500 - 1999 Posts
Xtreme Member: 2000 - Posts
RAF Elite: Member who in a RAF Elite. #2 top poster.
#1 Poster: Top posting RAF member.

* RAF Junior Member group has been expanded from 100-499, to 9 - 499 to accomadate the new system whereby persons have to post 10 times in order to access the RAF E-Book Board.

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