Saturday, February 5, 2011

Please Contribute: One RAFian, One Volume of Animorphs

Hi RAFians! KitsuneMarie here, launching the maiden voyage of my new social column with a plea for contributions for a fantastic RAFproject.

The brainchild of Dameg, One RAFian, One Volume of Animorphs won a RAFaward for the best project of 2010. It will feature all 64 Animorphs book covers (including some translations), each of which will be held by a RAFian.

Once all the books are accounted for, the photos will be merged into an animated gif that will be posted on RAF.

So far, the project has quite a number of participants, but we still need at least 20 more. If you have been thinking about joining but are worried about keeping your identity a secret, consider hiding your face with backlighting, Photoshop, a mask, or any other creative means.

Please remember, those of you who have claimed books but have not posted photos, let Dameg know you're still working on it so your selection isn't given up.

We are all grateful to the prolific K.A. Applegate, but the length of the series does mean we will need quite a lot of help to complete this project!

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