Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks to all our doners in 2010

This post is to collectively thank all those who donated to Richard's Animorphs Forum in 2010.

We began accepting donations, via PayPal through our RAF Donate portal, in early 2008 to offset the domain and hosting costs associated with keeping the Forum alive. We asked for your contributions and you responded! For this I thank of you -the marjority of whom I already thanked individually.

So who topped the year end list of most donor of 2010? That's easy. The person who topped the list made the single biggest donation in our young history.

1. PATridge In A Pear Tree
2. Stephquiem 
3. Myitt
4. Adam
5. Alex Oiknine 
6. Luke Skywalker (Ossanlin)
6. itw2009
6. Kit Festivus Pole
6. Enki
6. Darth Revan

Some other stats: 33 different persons donated a total of 42 times.

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