Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scholastic's Letter to RAF

Yesterday, I removed the RAF eBooks page of RAF which hosted the Animorphs eBooks and halted the eBook Project started over three (3) years ago. This comes on the heels of a very stern letter sent from a lawyer of Scholastic, the publishers of the Animorphs series.

Though Animorphs has long not been published, RAF, they claim, is infringing on their trademark of "Animorphs", and by having the "unauthorized" Animorphs eBooks online, "creates a likelihood of confusion as to the source of origin of the goods and services you provide and is likely to deceive and confuse customers into believing that (you) are owned or endorsed by Scholastic..."

I have therefore removed the eBoooks, and added a note on the website saying we are not affiliated with Scholastic, and replied to this letter in an attempt to remedy the situation.

What is for certain though, is that we will no longer provide eBooks for the Animorphs series or any Scholastic publication. What we will still continue to provide is a great Animorphs community for the few that still enjoy the series.

Feel free to discuss.

There is a great possibility that in the next week major changes will have to be made to RAF.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm not that surprised. Since the eBook copies were coming out as items to 'sell' and Scholastic wants to re-print, having them out didn't make sense.

Sort of hypocritical because they don't *offer* the eBooks, which most people here would totally buy if they were offered. But they were bound to pitch a fit when it was drawn to their attention.

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