Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Do Donations Go?

As per a thread that was created in the Staff Lounge; along with outright requests to 'see the books', it seems like persons want to know where their donations are going. Fair enough.

As I have said many times before, RICHARD'S ANIMORPHS FORUM, because we moved from a free, remotely-hosted system, started to become dependent on funds for upkeep.

Here are a list of common expenses:

1. Domains: 7 domains are currently paid for and being run under RAF.

2. Servers: 2 shared servers are used by RAF. Server /host related costs fluctuate. We are charged for backups for instance.

3. Software: RAF from time to time purchases software for users to use, or for development purposes.

4. Advertising: a forum without members is not a forum after all. I use paid services to promote RAF. This is the biggest expense outside of regular expenses.

For definite purposes, here's a list of actual numbers: you can see how each month will fluctuate in income and expenses.

April 2010
Expenses - $30
Donations - $104.19

May 2010
Expenses - $33.49
Donations - $23.11

June 2010 (So far)
Expenses - $57.1
Donations - $0

A little something to note. As we get bigger, the bigger the servers will need to be. Next year it is expected that server costs will triple per month.

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