Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks to Shanker for his donation!

Well, I just woke up to see an email from our partner PayPal, telling me RAF received a donation from one of our members. Coming up on his second RAF birthday, Shanker has decided to do what many have been doing since I set up the account: donate.

If you didn't know already, donating to RAF helps paying the bills.

Anyway, back to Shanker: yes he donated, and now his pennies are in the RAF Fund jar* along with the others. Did you know that donating isn't only cool, but you get stuff for doing so? Indeed, for his contribution, Shanker received +10 Karma, and some brand new stars below his name, along with the fancy title of Donator. In addition, he now gets to show off that he has access to the D-Lounge.

So if you haven't donated before, or just want to show your love for our great Animorphs community, head on over to RAF Donate: and make sure you have a PayPal account.

Thanks Shanker!

*Not a literal jar... there's just a page on PayPal that tells me how much is the in account: that's all :(.

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