Sunday, November 1, 2009

...You're Crazier in Person

I just got back from hanging out with Jess (Kit Cloudkicker), Tara (Myitt) and Dave (Pez) in Boston. It seems like RAFians meeting in person has been going on a lot more lately. Jess, Tara, Dave, Estrid and Liz met up in California, then Jess, Tara, Dave and I met up in Hampton Beach, and now Claire’s world trip is causing RAFians from around the world to finally meet. Personally, I think it’s fantastic.

Meeting in person really brings us together as a community. I consider many of you on the forum to be close friends and I’d love the chance to hang out with all of you. Hopefully some day I’ll get to do a world trip of my own. I guess the message of this post is not to be afraid to get out there.

That being said, be careful guys. I’ve been talking a lot about community and close friends and family…hmm I don’t think I mentioned family. But…I have in the past, so yea…RAF is like a family. BUT it is still a group of random internet people. Treat them as such. Don’t put personal information on the site. If you want to share information do so only with the members you really know and trust. And be sure that you really know and trust them. The three members I have met I knew for almost a year before I’d even admit my name wasn’t Duff McCain (hmm, Duff McCain, got a nice ring to it)

If you do feel you have built up the trust and comfort to actually meet a few RAFians then do so very carefully. Don’t meet anyone one on one, invite a few of your friends or a few different RAFians. Meet in a public place and keep the general plan for the day/night to mostly public things. Don’t just head up to a hotel room (haha oops). Tell a few people where you are going and who you’ll be with. If your parents know about RAF then tell them about the meeting. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with or meet anyone you aren't comfortable with.

And to the younger RAFians…maybe just not do any meetings for a few years. Its just not responsible. You wait a little while and get to know your RAF friends a little better and when you are old enough to do a proper meeting you’ll have a lot more fun.

So…lets organize some RAFcons! Responsibly, safely, and obviously full of insanity. And don't forget to take pictures, especially when someone is doing something stupid.

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