Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you a New Member?

I am making out this blog post to all the newer members out there (older members are allowed to use this too)! First I would like to Welcome you to RAF! This is the Ultimate Animorphs Forum.

I have composed a short list of helpful things that you may want to look at and/or use and/or do, so here we go!

1. Introductions and Departures Sub-Forum

This is probably the first place you should go if you have recently joined, or just want the other forum members to get to know you better! You make your own thread, talking about yourself and who you are! This is really the only way to make sure that all the members have a chance to get to know you. This is a "Sub-Forum" of the "RAF Social" board.

2. Member Profiles Sub-Forum

After you have created your Introduction, you may want to create a 'Member Profile' for yourself. This is your own topic where you can basically make blog posts, post pictures for the forum, answer questions asked by other RAFians in your thread, and more! This is also a "Sub-Forum" of the "RAF Social" board. NOTE: A good example is Richard's Member Profile.

3. Attend a RAF Chat Meet & Greet

This is a great idea for any member, new or old! A RAF Chat Meet & Greet is basically what i see as sort of "Dinner Party" at which the members of RAF can mingle and talk with other RAFians and get to know everyone better. Held in the RAF Chat, it allows New members to meet Veteran members and vice versa. Also, Richard has shown up on occasion so you can get to know the Creator of RAF a little better.

4. Read the rest of the Animorphs Series

If you haven't finished the series (missing books, pages, etc.), then I would STRONGLY recommend that you DON'T enter the Animorphs Discussions yet. You may ruin the ending for yourself and that isn't fun at all. But have no fear, for the eBooks are here! RAF, the original uploaders of the eBooks, has them available for download here. Best part: they are FREE!! Every Animorphs book (also has the Vegemorph book, a parody) is available for download either as PDF or in a ZIP file.

5. Get involved in a RAF Project

There is no easier way to feel included, than to become involved. RAF has many projects on the go, from recording the Audiobooks, fixing the eBook errors, creating Smilies/Emoticons, creating the Animorphs Graphic Novel, and many more. Go here to see the RAF Projects board and get involved in one!


While we do allow lurkers (and have created a member class for such people), we much prefer posters. There are may topics on RAF spanning a very wide range of subjects, so it's very easy to find something to suit your fancy.

Well I do hope this little guide (that isn't finished I bet, and i'll probably come out with a 2nd Edition in the near future) has helped you figure out what to do next, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me, and ask me!

- Adam


Ash said...

That was a great post, Adam, very helpful. Thanks!

goom said...

yeah, great post.
very friendly.

Ell¡m¡st said...

Thank you, I do try to make Blog Posts that can actually help the Forum and it's members out.