Friday, June 26, 2009

I know it's already been said,

but I think it's worth saying again.,3345.msg221063/topicseen.html#new

Anna is right.

I know, this en't the most fawesome blog post in the history of RAF, but... I think maybe we need to have it on a nice, easy-to-access record the fact that there has been a problem.
This is the sorta' problem that doesn't really get fixed without collective co-operation.

All there is to say has been said.
Have a great weekend, dearlings.



Mike said...

Yes it is a problem, but it's one that is easy to fix if we work together. I'm away for 2 weeks this summer, but besides that I will be more active.

Ell¡m¡st said...

I'm working on a video to put onto Youtube, to hopefully get more active members. Trust me, I won't be claiming that Yeerks are real!! (even though we all know they are! :P)

animfan said...

I'm not sure the problem is needing more active members...