Monday, November 17, 2008

RAF Party - Day 2

The second day of the RAF Party has ended. If you missed it, remember that the roof will be on fire twice per month; the second weekend (Saturday and Sunday). 

So on to the second RAF Party, which was held yesterday Sunday November 16, 2008:

First, the statistics:

The top poster by a mile was Jules Winnfield (also known as Esplin 9466 or just 9466). He made 914 posts. You read that right. 914 posts in one day; setting the record for the most posts in one day on RAF. He was the most active member throughout the Party, logging many hours on RAF.

Forget the previous records for page-views (hits), and most posts in one day; which by the way, were made the day before.
Sunday saw 3025 posts created, and 22,157 hits recorded. The house indeed rocked and the roof is still charred.

The highlight of the night though has to be the second installment of the Count to 1000 thread.
The night was ending, therefore the Bored Board would revert to not adding to the post count. Just 45 minutes to go, we rushed the thread in an attempt to reach the number 1000. 270 posts were made, and the thread was complete with 20 minutes to spare. That's 270+ posts in 15 minutes.

Now if you weren't there, let me put things into perspective (*begins to relive the moments*) : the forum will notify you each time there is a reply before you've posted. With quite a number of us in the thread it was near impossible to get your number in.

I remember at one point I was hitting the enter button constantly to submit my number only to be greeted with the famous "there was a reply, you might want to revise your post" warning. My number was long gone; they've already reached 20 numbers ahead. It was a bundle of confusion and rabid excitement.

To further heighten the intensity of getting your number in (at the appropriate time no less), goom suggested at 935 that the person who got the number 1000 would be showered with applauds (ie given a Karma point). Oh how we salivated at that notion of swimming in a sea of applauds.

After 15 minutes of non-stop posting, 1000 was very near... there were, at the end, about five 1000 showing up from different persons amid the confusion. Russell (Esplin 9466) posted the number 998, but it was in fact the 1000th reply. Lucky much? But then again the difficulty in posting made the karmaing a well deserved one.

The night pretty much ended when we made it to 1000.

If you don't want to miss the +2 karma on new threads, and the Bored Board counting to your post count, the date for the next Party has been set. Mark your December 13 on your calendar as a day of fun and without a doubt; excitement.

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