Saturday, August 2, 2008

Animorphs: Know the Secret, the PC Game

Thanks to Truth, (of Hirac Delest) the Animorphs PC Game (Know the Secret) has been uploaded for anyone to play. Bear in mind that this game came out in 2000.

Here's a quote from Amazon:

This is an action adventure game based on the characters from the book and TV series. Earth is being taken over by an alien race called the Yeerks, who are using cockroach-like bugs to control human minds. Visser Three, leader of the bad guys, uses a weapon with an ultra-powerful crystal that explodes and shatters reality. Players' task is to lead the Animorphs, a group of animal-morphing teenagers, in their quest to save Earth by piecing reality back together. Game play consists of jumping over obstacles, collecting coins, and morphing into an animal to fight off aliens. Despite nice quality graphics and smooth action, the game can get pretty frustrating. Also, getting past some of the obstacles requires precise timing, which younger children generally can't provide. Testers told us that in spite of their frustration, they want to see what happens as the game unfolds.

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