Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Questions Regarding Move

I've been asked a number of questions ever since RAF Classic went offline on May 30. Here are a few common questions regarding the move and the new RAF.

1. Why move?

- We have been with Conforums (the host) for 5 years. Their forum system has not changed much in that time. In addition, being hosted by them, restricts us to abide by their Terms of Service. SMF, the new board system, does not have rules, we abide by the rules we want. Moving from Conforums gives us autonomy, and with that comes full control over matters. Further more, the Conforums board system lacks modern forum features which we now enjoy over at the new RAF.

2. How do we transfer threads/members?

-Because of how Conforums works, there is no easy way of transfer any data from the back-end. You the user have the task of re-registering, and re-creating the threads on the new RAF so as to continue discussing the book we love the most: Animorphs.

3. I don't want to loose my post count, can I get it back?

-Sure. After registering to the new RAF, feel free to post in a thread I've created on that matter.

4. How long will RAF Classic (the old RAF)  be online?

- I have no intentions of removing RAF Classic. It will be online as long as Conforums is, and serve as a reminder of our achievements and discussions for anyone who wishes to view them.

5. Is the Animorphs Audiobook & E-Book Project still active?

- It is. Our Animorphs eBook project has been online for anyone who wishes to read Animorphs online. See RAF eBooks for book downloads. Please see the new RAF for information on the Audiobook project and if you find errors in the ebooks, feel free to post in their respective boards.

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