Sunday, March 9, 2008

Esplin 9466 Dethroned

After I fell ill in late 2007, Esplin 9466 (Russell, our staff member) over took the #1 position on the User's Online Today box. Since then, he has been there... until yesterday, when RYTX took the position for the first time.

How the box works?

Think of it like this: If I log in today, my name will appear, if someone logs in after, their name will show up after mine.

So if your name is first, you've been online every day for a long time. Because if you don't log on in 24 hours, your name disappears.

Since this box was added, only three persons have been #1, myself, Russell, and now RYTX.

Phoenix004 has, for speculative reasons taken the top spot, hours after this post was made...
Congrats to him.

See this thread for more information and chatter.

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